Ing-Ind/15 Design Methods for Industrial Engineering

The sector studies all the methods and instruments for producing a technically sound project in the field of industrial engineering. It is, therefore, the reasoned and innovative choice of technical solutions, which can be improved through the systematic use of rational methods for the design and optimization of machines; it is, therefore, a fundamental expression of technical creativity.  Today this is carried out with the intensive use of IT tools; therefore, the concepts that govern the use of these tools in industrial design are studied.  The morphological, functional and aesthetic study of constructive solutions is accompanied by the development of the methods of representation, which also concern the simulation of operation and virtual prototypes.  The fundamentals and methods of design and the related tools of representation, modelling and simulation are dealt with in reference to the various industrial sectors: aerospace, mechanical, naval and plant engineering.  The conception of the overall architecture, and possible human-machine interfaces, then involves the breakdown into components for manufacturing, down to the detail of the construction elements and the choice of tolerances, in relation to cost and operating requirements.  In addition to geometric models, including pre-process and post-process geometric models of numerical and/or experimental analysis and image processing, methods are used for managing product documentation, modelling of product development processes, interaction with virtual models, modeling of products in their life cycle, development and engineering of industrial products.

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