Del Prete Zaccaria

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Zaccaria Del Prete is full professor of Industrial and Biomedical Measurements. He has been a visiting scientist at the University of Massachusetts (USA) for ten years. He is currently the Chairman of the Clinical and Biomedical Engineering program. His research interests in the biomedical field spread from experimental analysis of mechanoreceptor neurons coding mechanism and the mechanical properties of viscoelastic biological soft tissue; in vitro analysis of the flow stream through artificial cardiac valve by Particle Image Velocimetry; in vitro analysis of transgenic muscle fiber and tendon biomechanical properties. In the industrial field, he worked on strain measurement techniques in many different areas; static and dynamic characterization of fuel cell and hydrogen production systems; testing procedures of lithium ions battery systems. He co-authored more than 90 international journal and conference articles, 2 book chapters and 2 patents. He is a member of IEEE - IMS society
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