Department Board

The Department Board is composed by the Director who presides over it, two 1st level professors, two 2nd level professors, two researchers, the Delegated Administrative Manager (RAD) who acts as secretary, two representatives of the technical-administrative staff and two representatives of the students.
Elected members of the Board shall serve for three academic years and may not be re-elected for more than one consecutive term. The Board, in addition to expressing its opinion to the Director of the Department on the exercise of his powers, has investigative functions on all matters within the competence of the Council of Department.

The members elected to the Department Board for the three-year period 2021-2023 are:
Full professors:  Franco Mastroddi, Sergio Pirozzoli
Associate professors: Daniele Bianchi, Fabiano Bini
Researchers: Lorenzo Fedele, Emanuele Rizzuto
Technical-administrative staff: Antonello Binni, Antonella Quaresima
Students: Gael Cascioli, Giuseppe Indelicato